Have you ever been certain that if you just had “x” that you would finally be happy?  That life would work out?  Have you ever pleaded to God for something, only to have the opposite occur, or to hear God say “No” or “Not yet”?

This week’s Nooma video was “Kickball.”  In it, Rob Bell compares his son’s begging for a “junk” toy, even when his dad tells him that he has something better in mind, to the way that we ask God for what we want and then don’t understand when God doesn’t give it to us.  “Don’t you love us, God?” we ask.  Bell reminds us that we have limited perspectives, but that God loves us and has something better in mind.

What are you asking God for at this stage in your life?

Have you ever *not* gotten what you asked for, only to realize later God had something better in mind? 

Looking forward to your participation through the comments!


About diaconaljen

Diaconal minister, military wife, homeschooling mom
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